Delta Gamma

The House

Our beautiful beach-styled house is our home away from home. Living sixty girls, there is never a dull moment in Delta Gamma. Whether it's quiet study sessions in the dining room, spring-time lounging around in our courtyard, or bonding with our sisters in our rooms, we are able to find the perfect environment to fit every social need. 

We are so grateful for the renovations that have happened in our house. Most recently, our showers have been converted to have a classy, modern feel. One of our rooms was converted into a workout room with a full mirror wall, a TV for workout videos, has wooden flooring, and includes an eliptical.

Located on the corner of 23rd Street and Taylor, we are a convenient 8 minute walk to campus and have Fred Meyer a block behind our house. We couldn't be more proud of our home, and hope that every visitor feels like family when they walk through the door. 

Welcome to Delta Gamma, family and friends! Please feel free to stop by anytime and ask one of our members to show you around!